Storing Compressed JSON Objects in Local Storage With Lz-string

In my first post I would like to talk about a simple way to store JSON compressed objects in local storage. This is a very tiny, but useful feature.

The local storage keys are limited to 5 Mb. With this feature, we’ll compress a 2 Mb JSON into a 0.22 Mb. Sounds good, huh?

Let’s start! The first thing we need to ease this way of storage is to extend the localStorage by adding a couple of functions. In order to save and restore the JSON objects. Take a look:

Storage.prototype.setObj = function(key, obj) {
  return this.setItem(key, JSON.stringify(obj));
Storage.prototype.getObj = function(key) {
  return JSON.parse(this.getItem(key));

Now, using setObj and getObj instead setItem and getItem we’re able to do things like that:

localStorage.setObj("test", {a: "1", b: "2"})
var test = localStorage.getObj("test")
> "1"
> "2"

The next step is to add the LZ-string library. In order to compress the data. Download the library and set the corresponding script tag in your <head>

<script language="javascript" src="route/to/lz-string.js"></script>

Come on! it’s almost done. The last step is to use the LZ string to compress the objects. It’s as simple as adding in our custom functions the following code:

Storage.prototype.setObj = function(key, obj) {
  return this.setItem(key, LZString.compress(JSON.stringify(obj)));
Storage.prototype.getObj = function(key) {
  return JSON.parse(LZString.decompress(this.getItem(key)));

And that’s all! I hope you find it useful. You can find me on twitter @enoliglesias for whatever you want to ask.

I want to thank @putuko for discover me the LZ string :)

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