Today, I’m going to talk about our first complete and “profesional” videogame.

Happie Maggie


This videogame was developed with Phaser. A JS framework wich helps and allows you to develop html5 videogames easily.

You need two basic skills to develop a phaser game:

  • Javascript
  • Pixelart

I made this videogame with a couple of coworkers: claralisse and @fixr. And we win the tech contest of our company. http://concursotech.the-cocktail.com/

We made it in order to raise awareness in our office, so people don’t feed our little pet dog :) (she gets sick)

You can also take a look to my very first try with Phaser: Escape from the pinkies where you can play with a pixelated version of me, shooting some rare cute pinky dogs.

And that’s all! You can find me on twitter @enoliglesias for whatever you want to ask.

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